At Fontana Computer Repair we have a simple philosophy, "Do the right thing for the customer and the customer will come back."  This philosophy has shaped the way we handle every machine that comes through our service que. We won't sell you unnecessary software or hardware and we will identify what is plaguing your machine and repair it with surgical precision.  We will attempt to move the largest mountains to get your machine running at its absolute best and give you the information necessary to get it there.

When we first see a machine, we record every detail we can: serial numbers, operating system version, model number, etc.  This ensures we get the most up-to-date software and upgrades for your machine should it require service.  From there, we clean the machine inside and out, clearing out those dust bunnies and debris from the fans and other components.  A visual inspection of the components and wiring is performed and if the machine passes a visual inspection, we move onto full comprehensive testing of the hardware and software.  We check every physical component and the software running on the machine to determine the underlying issues and the best course of action to resolve them.

Once we have the diagnostic results, we will contact you and go over the results.  We will lay out the findings and explain why we deem the repairs necessary.  We don't blanket repairs across a number of issues, we find the root of the issue and tell you exactly how it can be fixed.  We won't tell you it’s time to reformat your hard drive and lose all of your precious data, when an infection could simply be removed and leave your system intact.  We won't sell you hardware you don't need (unless you want it).  By tailoring our repairs to a customer's needs, we can ensure the best possible repair for their machine.  If a machine isn't worth fixing, we won't hesitate to let you know.  We will let you know when and if it's best to invest in a new machine.

The best part of all of this is that diagnostics are only $10.00. However, if you plan to have us work on the system, we will waive the Advanced Diagnostics Fee.  Once you have our recommendation, you're free to authorize the work or to pick up your machine if you decide it's not worth it.  Either way, we're there to provide you the best possible service.  So whether your machine is brand new and doing something odd or it's knocking on deaths door, bring it in for $10.00 diagnostics.  There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The truth about big box stores

Most people don't know this but when you bring your computer into the big box store, you will never see the person who is actually working on your computer. Some of the Big Box guys actually outsource 100% of their repairs to technicians working in India or at their homes. The Big Box store with all the "Geeks" or "Techs" is made up of nothing but High School graduates who have a small amount of real computer repair training.