One-Time Backup

Is your computer being worked on by us? Are you worried about your data? Then this service is for you. We offer a One-Time backup of your whole hard drive and nothing will be changed or deleted. Once our repairs are done we will put all of your "Non harmful" data back on to your computer while we have your data it will be stored on our RAID locked and enabled server. We will hold on to this data for you for up to 3 weeks if you so wish.

Sugar Sync

We partner with SugarSync to provide our "Family" with extremely reliable cloud based backups. Once we have setup your computer to be backed up you can rest easy knowing that your system is automatically being backed up. We sit down with you, either at our office or your home, to determine exactly what kind of files that you need to have backed up. If you are using third-party programs that utilize databases, we will show you how to backup those as well. Once we have identified the files and folders you would like backed up, SugarSync will automatically upload any changes to those systems on any kind of interval you would like. Your data is sent securely over the internet to a highly secure data center that retains multiple copies of your data on its servers. The rooms that your files are stored in are protected with state of the art sprinkler systems as well as armed security guards. So you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe, 24/7. Contact us today to learn more and to get set up with SugarSync.

File Recovery

If your hard drive is so damaged that you are unable to access your operating system, have no fear, we can still get your files off for you! As long as there is not severe damage we can do a light recovery and get your data back for a small charge. If there is more of a problem and the hard drive is very damaged, we can still use emergency recovery options to get your data back.

24 Hour Turn-Around Guranteed

Here at Fontana Computer Repair we are pleased to offer and announce our guaranteed 24 hour turnaround time. What does this mean for you? Well, this means we will fix your computer and have it back to you within 24 hours guaranteed or the service is free. To view more details about this please visit

Warranty + Gurantee

Here at Fontana Computer Repair we offer a standard 3 week guarantee on our "Hard Drive Data Recovery" service we offer. To view more details about this policy and guarantee please visit