Fontana Parent Teacher Organization

Fontana Computer Repair proudly supports many of the Fontana Parent–Teacher Organizations events including, but not limited to Fontana Elementary's Spring fling and Winter Fest by donating various technology-related products and services for its yearly-themed events.  The events serve as a conduit for new school supplies and many other things including a new school theater and playground, those are some of the many things the silent auctions money has went to in the past years.  All board members and staff are 100% volunteer. Click here to view there website


Tech2Children is a nonprofit organization that Fontana Computer Repair has created. We created this nonprofit organization to bring kids and technology closer together outside of school. Fontana Computer Repair technicians join alliances to form this amazing opportunity for our community. Every year we will diminish all of our donated funds. To buy either tables or computers for a select few students who show a passion for working in the information technology industry, or who simply really wanted one for a very long time but who is unable to get one due to financial restrictions. We are here to help break down that barrier! Click this link to take a closer look at their initiative.